Hospital Cleaning

Hospital Cleaning

A professional cleaning service is crucial to all hospitals and medical facilities. For hospitals, patient care is first priority. Hospital-Cleaning Poor sanitary conditions in hospital settings significantly impacts patient care and can contribute to loss of lives. Poor sanitary conditions are known to cause preventable infections in patients. Many of these deaths were deemed preventable.

As professionals in healthcare cleaning services, we understand the critical nature of healthcare surface disinfection and assisting in preventing HAI’s (Hospital Associated Infections). Whether you’re managing a hospital, outpatient facility, medical office building or surgery center, GOOD NEIGHBOR CLEANERS ensures proper disinfecting and best practices that exceed even the toughest healthcare cleaning standards and regulations.

While hospital cleaning cannot be 100 percent green due to the use of disinfectants to kill unwanted microorganisms, the use of eco-friendly cleaning products where possible can provide a healthier environment for patients to recover and for staff to work in. Using eco-friendly cleaning products is safer for cleaning staff and building occupants. Harsh cleaning products can cause skin and eye irritation, headaches and nausea.

We won’t subject our team or your company to harsh chemicals that compromise safety.

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